Applying for Housing

G’day everyone!

First off this is late, I actually applied for housing almost a week ago, but I got busy with some preparations and exams! I honestly cannot believe that I already applied for housing, it feels surreal. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this isn’t a silly dream and that I really am moving away in about three months. Eek that is scary!

So about this whole housing situation, let me tell you I’ve never not lived with mom and dad which means this will be the first time that I will have to kill spiders (heaven forbid) by myself and search for my own missing shoe instead of asking mom where she last saw it. Picking a place to spend a whole academic year in was a big deal to me and I’m not gonna lie I’ve been looking at student housing for about two months now and looking at the pictures over and over again to make sure it was perfect.

First off I knew I wanted a place where I could make my own food, I wanted a place with a kitchen and dining room so I could cook. Many of you may not know but I love cooking and baking, it makes me proud to see my creations. I also cook often for my lovely best friend, Christina, so I like to believe that I am decently good at it (she may tell you a different story). BUT I want to ensure that I know exactly what I am eating instead of giving my body a bunch of crap food that will make me blow up like a balloon. So I looked at housing that was apartment style so I could ensure that I would have a kitchen to cook in.

As I am searching and looking at all my housing options I realize that housing is NOT, I repeat, NOT gender specific. This stumped me at first; am I really going to be living in a place with a boy? I’ve heard that it is bad enough as a woman to live with a man when you love and are committed to him in one way or another, not to mention living with a man who is a complete stranger to you! Like hello boys are dirty I do not want to share a living space with one, but as we all know sometimes you have to take a bag of lemons and make lemonade. Who knows maybe I won’t get any guy roommates or if I do they will be abnormally clean and not stink up the bathroom, a girl can wish right? Even so I will learn one way or another to deal with the cards that will be given.

So when you apply you have to name your top four choices (being I already researched all these places I had a good idea of by choices already). Each place had a private bedroom, a common kitchen and living area, and one to two bathrooms. Also I had requested Lifestyle Living (aka limited alcohol usage and decently quiet, there are bars on campus so if I want to party it up I can go there and then come home to my quiet, peaceful home).

Look at me adulting! I am so excited to find out about my housing situation on December 12th and will update everyone with where I will be living for my first year in Newcastle, Australia.





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