Words You Shouldn’t Say

Hi everyone!

So I’ve been doing some research on what words that are common or inappropriate to say in Australia and here is what I found…

Avro = Afternoon

Bathers = Swimming suit

Bikkie = Cookie (I have no idea how this makes sense)

Brekkie = Breakfast

Cracker = Something that is great

Fairy Floss = Cotton Candy

Fanny = Female genital (so they call fanny packs bum packs instead)

Jumper = Sweater

Loo = Toilet

Mozzie = Mosquitos

No worries = Thank you

Root = Apparently means the F word

Shedjool = Schedule

Tip = The garbage dump (also people in Australia don’t tip for customer service)

Trolley = Shopping cart

Yank = an American

Obviously these aren’t all the words but these were some fun ones I thought I would share and I will continue to share as I find more interesting information. Hopefully I don’t have many slip ups while I’m there. 102 days left until I leave!



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