Let me begin by telling you everything this experience has been so far. It has been full of new people, exciting trips through strange places, laughter over silly things, lots of accents, a couple drinks, weird food, beautiful beaches, and more freedom then I have ever had before (don’t worry mom and dad I haven’t made bad choices). I am fortunate to have a RM who looks after me and invites me to put myself out there (oh life of an introvert) and a roommate who took me under her wing and introduced me to all her friends. I have played on the beach with my floor mates, made my own meals, and jumped for joy when it finally rained. It is bloody hot here! This is the best opportunity I have been given.

But I will tell you that moving to a different country 7,600 miles away from home isn’t easy. It’s not easy missing my home, family, and friends. I’ve cried a handful of times which I’m certain I’ll probably continue to do until I go back home, and that’s perfectly okay. I know it’s not easy because I have so many people back home who’ve made it so difficult to leave, they have a special place in my heart and I am beyond grateful for it.

As hard as being here is, and will continue to be I will continue to rise to the challenge. I know God does not give you things you can’t handle and because I prayed about coming here I know in my heart that God is personally challenging me to get through this hard part of life. Do hard things right Canyon Creek? God has some amazing experiences in store for me such as life long friends, seeing different parts of the world, becoming a fantastic nurse and most of all trusting more in His plans. So I will continue to praise and trust that this troublesome time will come to an end sooner rather than later.

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