As a recent 21-year-old Uni student I am bound to make a couple mistakes here and there. There are lots of lessons I have yet to learn, but it’s all part of the adventure of growing up. A couple days ago I learned a good lesson the hard way. There’s never an easy way to do it is there?

Something to keep in mind, I’m not a big partier. I don’t enjoy going out and getting drunk every weekend and particularly not with strangers. I’m much more of a homebody if I do say so myself. Now here at Newcastle, partying is an everyday task it seems like! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s just not how I normally would spend my time. Even for my 21st birthday about a week ago I didn’t go out drinking, I know what a shame! But nevertheless, a couple days ago I was invited to a house party down the road and figured, why not? I could go out, have a couple drinks and come home at a reasonable time. Let me say I don’t think I could have been more wrong about that evening!

While Facetiming with a special friend I eagerly got ready to go out with my roommate and her mates. When we showed up I was awkward and quiet. You know what’s the fastest way to change that? A couple of shots and who knows how many poured drinks later. I will admit this was not my best judgement, but I can guarantee that even J. Law (love her) would not have good judgement after one too many drinks. The rest of the evening is one lovely blur, but luckily I got home safely and was in bed at the reasonable time of 1:30am.

That next morning is one for the bloody books! Waking up feeling nauseated, a massive headache, and complete exhaustion you would have thought my liver was punched by the Hulk. I spent most of the morning running to the bathroom to heave (please feel bad for my poor roommates who have to a share a bathroom with me because I felt downright awful). Lucky me though Chris and Taniia came to my rescue with all sorts of medicine, hot water with lemon, tea, crackers, and checked in on me frequently. They honestly saved me from complete misery.

To top off my misery, I woke up the next day with the flu and have slowly been fighting it off. All in all, I have learned a valuable lesson and it’ll be a long while before I go out again! I would much rather be at home with some other homebodies watching Disney movies and eating pasta. At least we can all have a good laugh about my experience now that it is said and done, right mom and dad (I promise I’m still your precious angel)?

Cheers to lessons learned the hard way!



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