When you’re a child making friends seems easy. I don’t know what it is maybe it’s the fact that we are more innocent, playful or unafraid to be ourselves, but it just seems easy. As an adult though making friends seems difficult and tiring. Life gets busier as we begin schooling, homework, get jobs, start romantic relationships, workout, run errands and if you’re anything like me you have to make some time for Netflix or listening to a new book on Audible. We specifically have to prioritize people and start the process of making friendships. This task has been both exciting and stressful.

Back home I had my established relationships, I am very close with my four lovely cousins who I see as my sisters and they were my first lifetime best friends. Over the years I have met some amazing human beings whom I’ve had the pleasure of growing up with such as Kylie, Christina, and Tilly. What’s even better is having connections with all of their families! In high school and college, I’ve developed friendships with countless people some of my favorites have been with Malachi, Carlin, Dakota, Taylor, and Ciara. I’ve also had the pleasure of reconnecting with an old friend from high school, Carlie. Throughout the years I’ve had my people around, and now I’m starting all over again!

Don’t get me wrong I still talk to all of friends daily but I can’t just depend on them for friendship. Part of this growth and adventure is making new friends and having new experiences. Going out and making these initial friendships is rather more difficult than I expected, especially because I’m introverted and after a bunch of time with people I need a much-needed break. But as the time has passed since I got here I am slowly making connections and having fun with all sorts of new people.

My first friend happened to be my RM, Alyssa. She’s a sweetheart, helping me make friends and helping celebrate my birthday. My roommates are given friends! We are all able to talk, laugh and enjoy each other’s company (maybe not always but for the most part). Chris, my German friend, happens to both be my roommate and I’ve nominated him (despite his protests) as my best friend simply because I probably spend the most time with him. I also met a sweet girl in my tutorial named Maddy who I share a common love for Mexican food with. Then there’s Katie who so happened to message me on Instagram after she saw went to the same school and read my blog. Meeting her in person was lovely, and we had so much in common.

I’ve met and made more friendships, these were just a few I wanted to share. These past weeks I’ve had lunches, coffee, movie nights and tonight I’m having more new friends over for wine and games! I’m grateful for God’s hand in giving me relationships that make my homesick days easier to manage. Having to make new friends can be rather difficult, but they have challenged me to grow and come out of my comfort zone.

I’m excited to see what God has in store for me in these next couple of months when it comes to my new friendships and experiences. Happy Saturday!



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