Facing the facts 

For anyone who knows me, they understand that I have expectations for everything in my life. I have an expectation for how my life should turn out. I’ve planned every detail out to a T. Even my day to day life revolves around plans and expectations. I like game plans, and I always have an expectation for how everything should turn out. But if living in Australia has taught me anything (you know besides the whole nursing degree I came here for), that living with an expectation will ruin your life.

That’s a big statement to make, but it’s beyond true. Having an expectation for everything will ruin your life. It has ruined mine (not literally, but I’m trying to make a point). I have previously ruined special occasions, relationships, and my own happiness because my expectation for something was not the reality of the situation. Because let’s face facts here, we can’t control everything that happens. That fact sucks by the way because I am also a control freak. But the reality is that we can’t control other people or outside situations. Sometimes life hands us a disaster. We just can’t plan for everything and anything that could happen. For some reason though for at least the last 10 years of my life I have planned out every detail of everything I do and 95% of the time it never turns out how I wanted it to.

Then you know what happens? I end up frustrated and upset because that moment didn’t turn out perfectly. I have gone out on dates before and expected that immediately the guy would complement me (I probably spent over an hour getting so common I deserve at least one complement) and when he didn’t say exactly what I imagined I was annoyed. I’ve been on vacations and the moment things didn’t work out I was disappointed. Living a life with constant expectations is a life waiting for disappointment. That’s bloody idiotic. I might as well start my life as an alcoholic now if I keep this up.

Let every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be

But I had an expectation for my life here when I got to Newcastle. You want to know how closely life resembles my expectation? It doesn’t even compare. It doesn’t look even remotely how I planned it. And that’s okay, because if it did I wouldn’t have gone through a dozen of my experiences or met some of the best people I know. My unplanned life has become a life I love (or am still learning to love). So, I’ve decided to try and go with the flow. Some of my favorite memories were things I didn’t plan for, like the picture I featured of Bella and I on the beach, we decided an hour before that we wanted to go to the beach that day. That was a great day. Which made me realize that this will be one of the many ways moving to Australia and becoming an Aussie girl will challenge me to grow. I am learning how to enjoy how things are right now without any expectation of what might happen next. Hence the learning part because lets be real I’m not going to magically change overnight this isn’t Cinderella. Maybe life is better when it isn’t planned.



One thought on “Expectation vs Reality

  1. Sorry, but I think you always need to have goals and expectations – you do not need to be consumed by them, but you have to know where you want to end up and what you need to do to get there!!!


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