About Me

img_9831G’day everyone, (Aussie slang for hello, its weird)

I’m Mckenna, or Kenna to my friends and family. I’ve been on track to studying nursing for the past two years and have recently committed to a program at the University of Newcastle. I created this blog is for anyone interested in my adventures in Newcastle, Australia. This will be an easy way for my friends and family to see all that I get to experience through posts, pictures and videos!

A little bit about me: I love to read and listen to all kinds of books. I pair my wine with what I am eating for dinner. Some of my free time is spent with my friends and family. I ¬†love literally anything to do Disney. I am terrified of spiders. I’m a huge introvert and spend most of my time alone. I run and practice yoga multiple times a week. Also I love cooking and baking.

Everyone always asks me the same question, why Australia? Well, why not Australia is the better question! I don’t really have a straight answer for that yet, it just felt right. ¬†After doing some research into costs, locations and programs I talked to my parents about my tentative plan. Lucky me, my parents were very supportive.

After two application processes, several months, lots of prayers, a few tears and I finally committed to the University of Newcastle. It has been a roller coaster ride for sure, but I’ve had so much love and support on my journey. A special thanks to the Ricci family, Christina Sullivan, Tilly Zylstra, Alyssa + Ashlea Eslick, and Rhoda Baty for pushing me to accomplish my dreams (even the ones across the world). I am so excited for my adventure and can’t believe that in less then five months I’ll be moving away from everything and everyone I know and love.

I can’t wait to share with everyone my journey.